Thoughts on Philosophy Club Meeting: “Can Love Lie?”

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Do we love the qualities in spite of the person?
Or love the person in spite of the qualities?
But… Without all the qualities, isn’t “person” just a word?

There is more than what is inherent, referring to what we impose.

Wow, I totally derailed us, didn’t I?

Set of circumstances and shared history are even MORE qualities to fall in love with.

Love, perhaps, intersects with other things, making “another” type of love.
And isn’t necessarily married to monogamy.

People tend to fall in love with revealed characteristics. Like a movie trailer.

“Too unconditional.”

We can’t know what they’ll become if that is included in the thing.

This will bleed into cultural critique: Like a peacock many of us exude this symbolic, Pavlovian, ideal in order to attract. This idea that we’re to impress people. To exploit a very particular group. In theory, this could be the case for anyone. Then reel it in.
With that in mind, yes, love CAN lie, but I choose for it not to.

It’s kinda impossible not to get something from them.

The love of the abyss… because it can actually look back.

When you say you love a thing vs. a person. Define a thing?

American Atrocities (Aftermath)

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After more thorough research.

I’ve conceded that Hiroshima’s necessity is more ambiguous from a utilitarian standpoint.
(From a moral standpoint, it makes the blitz look like petty vandalism.)
Had I been in charge I would have hit a military target as an ironic, large scale reminder of Pearl Harbor, sent the leader a message to survey the damage and that this new weapon will be unleashed on his doorstep next.
I think he would have surrendered, documents lead me to believe the Japanese leader was more concerned about protecting his own status than anything else…

However, even if we concede that Hiroshima’s bombing was a horrible, but calculated necessity, the Nagasaki was an egregious redundancy.
The damage from the first could not have been surveyed in TWO DAYS, and you’ll have to leave a message if he doesn’t respond right after it.

With renewed conviction… My final verdict:
Nagasaki was wrong, even IF we concede to the necessity of Hiroshima.

Leaked Photos Of The New Batman Trailer (Pic) (via Pkrf1end's Blog)

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Leaked Photos Of The New Batman Trailer (Pic)Source: More

via Pkrf1end's Blog

Thoughts on Philosophy Club Meeting: On Marxism

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Liberalism, as I understand it, is a response to the pervasive status quo.
Obviously, as people develop, or think we’ve advanced, is reflected in how we change over time.

The individual change is a natural condition.
Ideology follows material. Out brains generate concepts are generated to contain or comprehend what we observe.
But we’ve collectively observed that materials are mutable, while some things apparently aren’t, like the laws of physics and whatnot. Human thought is mutable, as a result, so are the actions they generate.
In relation to society (organized human interaction)s, and politics (modes of organization).
As such, various animal behaviors reflect a certain socialogical mold.
The individual can be the pebble in an avalanche.

If classism came about through necessity and practicality, then how or why are they to ever be dissolved?
Personally, I don’t think classism was ever necessary. Just about ANY logically inconsistent idea or notion can be used practically.
What circumstances does he believe made it necessary?

“It’s difficult to pull yourself by your bootstraps when you don’t have any bootstraps.”

Isn’t for art’s sake an end in itself?

I’ll refrain from commenting on Communism until it actually comes about.

Isn’t Capitalism more like a vampire than a parasite? With the head vampire and everything?

I would argue that a greedy or slothful person has existential needs that aren’t being met.

Ex-South Africa rugby star ‘murders at least three people with an axe in revenge for gang-rape of his daughter’

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Bill Bennett: Americans tip-toeing around issue of radical Islam (via American Morning)

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It makes me think… The masses are being fed whatever news the networks believe they think they’d want to hear.
It we feed them quality gruel on a wide scale, then there’d be no problem.

Indeed. The Joe Schmoes who watch Fox news or the daily show should not only know that “not all Muslims are like that,” they should know what the peaceful Muslims feelings about it are.

Same about the Catholic Church on the child abuse problem that’s been going on for CENTURIES.

CNN Political Contributor and National Talk Radio Host Bill Bennett is out with a new book, "The Fight of Our Lives". In "The Fight of Our Lives", which releases Wednesday, Bennett argues that Americans are tip-toeing around the issue of radial Islam. Bennett talks about his new book "The Fight of Our Lives" with American Morning. … Read More

via American Morning