I want to talk …

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I want to talk to you today about forgiveness and reconciliation…
They’re not the same thing.
You can have one without the other, neither, or both.
You’re not right in demanding either or both of anyone.
Demanding can also take the form of pleading, begging or a superficially polite request.
Demanding is when you’re not equipped to accept any version of “no” in response.
Otherwise normal, healthy, well-meaning people can behave horribly when they don’t recognize these truths.
I want our followers become privy to this.
Would you please reblog?
So more people won’t have to learn the hard way?

-Daniel Ballow

Let’s talk about how we talk about sex…

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Baring ethical or religious convictions otherwise…

Showing interest in sex too soon is often off-putting to women (and sometimes to men)…
Especially if the want something more than casual…
…of wait, interest in sex “too soon” doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with whether or not they want something more serious.

But it’s off putting if they want the sexual attraction to be based on something more “substantial” like… your GPA, or your pets, or your job, or your taste in movies…

Oh wait, those things can be just as problematic or feel just as “objectifying” as your appearance. “She struggles in ENG 410? Would not bang.”

And some people… all you know about them is that you find them sexually attractive for… something. And you don’t know anything else beside that. They might be a fun person in general, who knows.
And it doesn’t mean you’re incapable of more depth or that you’re a terrible human being or you’re a disgusting person.

So why should it be WRONG to be transparent about that?

Why do we still react this way? HOW do we still react this way?

Respect people’s boundaries and respect when they’re not likewise interested.
“But bring up sex too soon? Dealbreaker.”
Okay, remember to back off when that happens.

But as per this blog post, let’s question this.