Daniel Ballow
I go to school in Muncie, Ball State
Philosophy Major
I started this blog years ago (2011), and have decided to use it to put out my finer online pieces.

The more things have changed  since then (2013 now), the more others have stayed the same.

†ruth worshiper… My religious beliefs in a nutshell: “I believe that God exists, that Jesus has a special relationship with him and is divine, that God should be worshiped and that humans should be compassionate toward one another.”

…And if the existence of your concept of “god(s)” or anything, is unfalsifiable, then the question of its existence is meaningless

Enemy of stupidity.

I am socially inept. My circumstances in my youth weren’t very advantageous to that aspect of development, but I have been noticing SOME improvement as of late, so input and encouragement would be appreciated.

I am also very eccentric, so I don’t mix well with the close-minded, fearful, or those self-assured of others motives.

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  1. Saire
    Nov 05, 2012 @ 08:19:16

    I love the site!


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