I don’t give a crap if they’re hiding in schools or hospitals. We’re out to stop them from killing innocent civilians.
It’s counterproductive to do that OURSELVES just to get to them.
BTW, Hiroshima and Nagasaki were f*cking disasters that should have NEVER happened. It was barbaric and villainous.

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    • Daniel Ballow ‎”It was a difficult decision.”

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    • Daniel Ballow

      SOME decisions are difficult because they’re the WRONG decision. They go against your own common sense, and everything’s telling you this sh*t is whack.
      SOMETIMES you ought to listen. Not all the time, but this was definitely one of those times.
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    • Daniel Ballow ‎”It was a different time.”

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    • Daniel Ballow

      Every atrocity in human history took place in a “different time.” Committed by people who thought they might as well. (It doesn’t make it any LESS of an atrocity.)

      I’ll grant that humanity hadn’t learned their lesson and forgive them, but I will NOT let someone pass me by without LEARNING… from that mistake. Thinking otherwise of it.

    • Hiroshima and Nagasaki was necessary..the death toll our forces and jap forces wouldn’t faced if we wouldn’t did a land invasion of mainland japan wouldve been substantial..they got nukes due to the arrogance of their own imperialist government..they got their people into that situation after time and time again we tried to be diplomatic..at least we airdropped letters over those towns telling the pop. to evacuate..and after the nuking japan became diplomatic and peace was made..

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    • If we wouldve** did a land invasion

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    • Daniel Ballow Interesting.
      I’ve never heard of the evacuation letters.
      I’ll have to research that detail.

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    • Daniel Ballow But as a whole, the thought of civilians getting nuked makes my blood boil.
      However, as you have rightfully pointed out. The Japanese government at that time are indeed deserving of some condemnatory ire.

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    • Yea I share ur opinion of nuking civilians and hopefully they wont have to be used by us ever again..

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    • Daniel Ballow This also brings to mind that I should research the campaign history of WWII at some point.
      I don’t doubt the decision was made in a context with no other foreseeable (practical) option. I can understand that.
      But if we were avoidably “backed into a corner” where desperate measures were the only ones readily available, then hopefully we can at least try to discern how we can guard against being “put in that position.”

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