Do we love the qualities in spite of the person?
Or love the person in spite of the qualities?
But… Without all the qualities, isn’t “person” just a word?

There is more than what is inherent, referring to what we impose.

Wow, I totally derailed us, didn’t I?

Set of circumstances and shared history are even MORE qualities to fall in love with.

Love, perhaps, intersects with other things, making “another” type of love.
And isn’t necessarily married to monogamy.

People tend to fall in love with revealed characteristics. Like a movie trailer.

“Too unconditional.”

We can’t know what they’ll become if that is included in the thing.

This will bleed into cultural critique: Like a peacock many of us exude this symbolic, Pavlovian, ideal in order to attract. This idea that we’re to impress people. To exploit a very particular group. In theory, this could be the case for anyone. Then reel it in.
With that in mind, yes, love CAN lie, but I choose for it not to.

It’s kinda impossible not to get something from them.

The love of the abyss… because it can actually look back.

When you say you love a thing vs. a person. Define a thing?