Liberalism, as I understand it, is a response to the pervasive status quo.
Obviously, as people develop, or think we’ve advanced, is reflected in how we change over time.

The individual change is a natural condition.
Ideology follows material. Out brains generate concepts are generated to contain or comprehend what we observe.
But we’ve collectively observed that materials are mutable, while some things apparently aren’t, like the laws of physics and whatnot. Human thought is mutable, as a result, so are the actions they generate.
In relation to society (organized human interaction)s, and politics (modes of organization).
As such, various animal behaviors reflect a certain socialogical mold.
The individual can be the pebble in an avalanche.

If classism came about through necessity and practicality, then how or why are they to ever be dissolved?
Personally, I don’t think classism was ever necessary. Just about ANY logically inconsistent idea or notion can be used practically.
What circumstances does he believe made it necessary?

“It’s difficult to pull yourself by your bootstraps when you don’t have any bootstraps.”

Isn’t for art’s sake an end in itself?

I’ll refrain from commenting on Communism until it actually comes about.

Isn’t Capitalism more like a vampire than a parasite? With the head vampire and everything?

I would argue that a greedy or slothful person has existential needs that aren’t being met.