Let’s talk about Airplanes in the night sky like shooting stars…


      The mix of genre’s appeals to MANY more than any one, first off. 

      And the video features that girl from Paramore with the sleek frame… (sigh) (regains composure)

      …It appeals to The West’s cultural nostalgia associated with Disney and related slogans.
      “Pretending” “Wishing”
      While juxtaposing to real life’s struggles.
      In the absence of shooting stars, we can pretend and wish for things.

      For those bothering to listen to B.o.B’s lyrics,
      It’s an artists yearning for individuality/self-expression vs. the market/success/consumerism.
      Doing, not out of necessity.

      Putting these two things together, they tapped into our collective wish to imagine and express without worry or obligation.