A.) The only way the Superbowl could be more masculine is by playing it in their Dodge-mobiles. B.) I don’t drive a Dodge Stratus or even own a vehicle, but my masculinity is just fine. Thank you very much. C.) Don’t some of the issues transcend gender even though this ad is clearly flaring the ills between them? The ad in question features a voice representing the frustration of modern society’s supposedly increased repression of masculinity. With a “slideshow” of diverse-looking men with broken, lifeless expressions on their faces.  Even though the voice is clearly talking to females, the ad is marketed to adult male counterparts. This is made clear by usage of phrases like “your vampire romance movies”, “your lip balm” and “your mother.” There have been a number of response videos from the opposite gender. With the overall message of usually being “we have it bad too” or “we have it worse.” I am in favor of equality, but I do not identify myself as a feminist, so I prefer to keep things from becoming “boy-girl” issues to begin with.

Research showing that “men will compensate when masculinity is threatened” will inevitably be slanted in regard to this issue. Not disputing the facts of the case, but MOST people will defend something that is attached their self-worth. For example, listing reasons for why ones parents don’t love them will often trigger a stream of reaffirming behaviors, especially if arguments are reasonably sound. Threaten an athlete’s ability to play well triggers more practice. But the defining factor is how they relate the thing in question to their self-worth. The study will also test if females compensate when femininity is threatened, though it is yet to be posted.

Why would the ad fail to appeal to women if the genders and complaints were reversed? The ad used complaints of mostly simple tasks men had difficulty with. What made them so difficult is that they were things seen as compromising on one’s masculinity. For a guy, this is understandably a key piece of one’s identity. The main reason why the same ad wouldn’t work for women is that cars are not generally associated with femininity. The female response ads usually list off more challenging things, but not many things that compromise on their femininity as far as I know.

Personally, I consider masculinity to be an objective fact that doesn’t have to be proven with certain behaviors or attitudes. When both men and women suffer from road rage, when cut off by that omnipresent “so-and-so” at the intersection, we can see men’s reactions have been statistically more extreme when faced with a challenge to their identities or something attached to their self-worth.

With these things in mind, I’d like to re-examine seemingly unrelated behaviors. Recall several instances of “media hogging.” Celebrities’ are considered what they are because they are so widely “celebrated.” When popularity is interchangeable with attention, their celebrity status attached to their identity, and their identities attached to their self-worth, as it is for most people, it becomes the perfect storm for outrageous, attention-seeking behaviors that leave the populace scratching their heads.

For the last demonstrating exercise, imagine an artist being forced to make increasingly more changes to some work of his, and demanding a more creative freedom in the same format: “I will get up at 6:66AM to and stay awake at non-applicable “bored meetings.” I will skip breakfast. I will substitute coffee for my breakfast. I will suffer from the crash as a result of the coffee for breakfast. I will make changes to my ongoing series’ overall plot to tie into a shoddily written crossover event. I will draw the female protagonist to appeal to the male audience, in a market that already too often ignores its female audience. I will retroactively change my protagonist’s back-story in light of recent changes in the fictional universe’s cosmology. And because I do all of this, I write the story I want to write.”

“It’s not so difficult” complaint is too subjective to be of any use in a complaint about the ad in question. The same argument can be, albeit haphazardly, applied to anything women of historically protested, apart from outright physical or emotional abuse. Abuse is certainly not restricted to gender. People have always abused those considered to be worthy of it, a fact principally ignored when we get caught up on particular societal manifestations. Coming from ethnically diverse schools, I can confidently say that when one reason for abuse is undermined, there can raise another in its place.









I will get up and walk the dog at 6:20AM.
I will eat some fruit as part of my breakfast.
I will shave. I will clean the sink after I shave.
I will be at work at 8:00AM.
I will sit through two-hour meetings.
I will say yes, when you want me to say yes.
I will be quiet when you don’t want me to say no.
I will take your call and listen to your opinion of my friends.
I will listen to your friend’s opinions of my friends.
I will be civil to your mother.
I will put the seat down.
I will separate the recycling.
I will carry your lip-balm.
I will watch your vampire tv shows, with you.
I will take my socks off before getting into bed.
I will put my underwear in the basket.
And because I do this…
I will drive the car I want to drive.
Charger, Man’s Last Stand.





Female’s Response:

I will get up and pack your lunch at 6:30AM.

I will eat half a grapefruit for breakfast.

I will get the kids ready for school.

I will ignore your smelly loser friend who is crashing on our couch.

I will make 75¢ for every dollar you make doing the same job.

I will assert myself and get called a bitch.

I will catch you staring at my breasts and pretend not to notice.

I will put my career on hold to raise your children.

I will diet, Botox, and wax…everything.

I will assure you that size doesn’t matter.

I will be a lady in the street, but a freak in the bed.

I will turn a blind eye to your ever-encroaching baldness.

I will humor your fantasy baseball obsession.

I will pretend not to notice when you cry at the end of “Rudy.”

I will watch shows where fat, unattractive men have beautiful wives.

I will allow you to cheat on me with younger women.

I will see “Paul Blart: Mall Cop”…twice.

I will elect male politicians who will make decisions about my body.

I will listen to ~Rash?~ and tell you “Yes, if there was a gold medal for air drumming, you would win it.”

I will get angry and you will ask if it’s that time of the month.

I will watch Superbowl commercials that depict men as emasculated and oppressed and I will feel SO f*cking sorry for you…