What I spend my money on isn’t tied to sense of self-worth.

I’m not JUST a consumer. I am a consumer. I am a student.

The economy looks at me as a consumer; the school system only sees students/teachers, my parent just sees her son, and nothing much else,

Is wastefulness the problem? Is materialism the problem? Local monopolies. I’m not sure if consumerism is an inherent problem.

People are ultimately entertains others. Materialism is not necessarily consumerism.

For example some tribe deep in some…exotic location is exposed to Christianity, then CHOOSE to adopt it when given a choice between that, and what they’ve been doing. The could not have made the CHOICE unless the “external” option was given.

I think in relation to this topic. We should dissolve them myth of the “them.”

Sense of community I weaker… but replaced by a sense of global community.

Isn’t the planet Earth a locality.

I’ve never been enthused by my local identity. Like people around me sucked, but a global community allowed me a reach out, and whatnot.

People make traditions; it shouldn’t be the other way around.

These things that we’re losing will inevitably be replaced by something else.

Internet memes, rituals, chain texting, emoticons, I was a member of an Internet fan community for a while and there was plenty of different viewpoints, we had games, ect.

There are problems with this, but there were enough problems with how it WAS to make the alternative attractive.

I don’ think it’s an inherent problem.

I don’t identify myself with what I buy; yet my spending habits are unchanged.

(Unless I discover a reason not to buy a certain product.)

Why is this a problem?

This IS our tradition.

IF we could be LESS wasteful and less damaging to environment.

Why would THIS be a problem?

Or is THIS impossible somehow?


Why do we NEED an alternative?